Direct to Garment Pricing

Although these prices will reflect accurately most of the time, they are meant as a guideline; we reserve the right to change pricing or policy at any time, with or without prior notice.  You will be informed of any price changes before you place your order.  We offer options for different print locations, sizes, etc, as well as a variety of garment options and fulfillment services; it is the client’s job to tailor their order, ambitions and expectations to match their budget. Be aware that these prices are non-negotiable.

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Light Print - 4" x 4"

Light Print - 12" x 12"

Light Print - 12" x 18"

Dark Print - 4" x 4"

Dark Print - 12" x 12"

Dark Print - 12" x 18"

24-Hour Customer Service

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Customer Level Qualifications *

Your pricing will depend on a number of factors, primarily the consistent order volume you bring to the table, as well as your selected retainer level.  You may qualify for a specific pricing tier based solely on printing volume, or you may circumvent this requirement by maintaining a minimum retainer on your account.

NOTE: A retainer is not required if you naturally qualify for a customer level, based on volume.  The retainer is an optional method of attaining higher level tiers, prior to hitting the minimum monthly volume.


  • Prices above include the cost of the print, only! This does not include the garment cost.
  • We use top quality garments, pre-qualified for use by WorldwideDTG. These garments produce superior, consistent print quality, compared to most standard products.  Customer supplied blanks are not accepted for DTG printing.
  • The cost is the same for additional print locations, and is always based on the print size and garment color.
  • Resale permit required to receive Wholesale Print Prices.
  • Artwork must be received in “print ready” digital format, and will be printed as received. For best results, please submit artwork files in high-quality PNG files, sized to print and with a native resolution of 150 dpi.  For dark garment printing, your artwork MUST come with a transparent background.
  • There is a handling fee of $1.42 added to each individual order we ship, in addition to the shipping fee – this cost covers the packaging, as well as the individual handling.