How to Submit Orders via E-Mail

How to Submit Orders via E-Mail

There are many ways to send your orders to us, each with its own unique sets of pros and cons.  While many clients prefer to input their orders manually through our online Product Lab, there are still some who prefer to send their orders through good ‘ol fashioned e-mail.  Regardless of which method you prefer, it is important to include all necessary order information before we can even think about processing your orders; once orders are in our system we can easily print detailed work orders which show our production crew everything they need to know about an order – if you are not using our online ordering system, you must provide a similar Work Order which details everything we would otherwise have in our system.

Example of a Complete Work Order:

NOTE: We do not require payment information on work orders, as our system will automatically create invoices for us when we input them.

As you can see, our online system provides us with a great deal of information, right down to the actual size of each print location.  While some of the information shown is optional, some information is absolutely mandatory or your order may experience some delays.  Below is a breakdown of what information is required, as well as what information is optional:


  • Order Date – The date you actually submit the order (note: depending on the time of day you send over the order, the actual “order start date” may differ from the date you provide us)
  • Customer Name – Your company name (not necessarily the name of the person we are shipping to).
  • Phone Number – Your contact number.
  • Ship-To Name – This is the name we will put on the package shipping label.
  • Ship-To Address – Include complete address with street name and number, city, state, zip, country and any pertinent unit number(s).
  • Product IDThis is the manufacturer provided ID, such as the Anvil 980 tee, Bella 6004BE, etc.  Please do not provide your own “internal” product ID – we must be able to search a manufacturer website to find the product in question, to prevent potential errors.
  • Product Type – Brief description of the desired product or style.
  • Product Color – Please provide the actual manufacturer described color name.  Please do not provide your own “internal” product color (for instance if the manufacturer’s color name is “Purple”, we will not recognize a request for “Lavender”).
  • Product Size – Some companies prefer to list all the sizes / quantities on one line, while others like to list each size / quantity line-by-line; either method is acceptable.  Our internal system breaks down each size, in case a customer chooses to have a different sized image on each size product (in which case they are each treated as a unique item, as we apply different artwork to each product).
  • Product Quantity – How many of each size we will be printing.
  • Print Location Description – This can be general (ie – “Center Chest” / “Left Chest” / “Back Print” / etc) or specific, but remember we are loading every product onto the machines manually so telling us things like “2.65 inches below the lower stitch on the collar” would be a little too specific.
  • Artwork Name – The name on the work order must match the name of the actual artwork file(s) or your order will be returned for clarification; we cannot search for artwork based on a description, nor can we subjectively decide which artwork file(s) to use (for instance, if your artwork file is an image of a big blue dog and it is called “bgdg12345.png”, the work order would reflect “bgdg12345.png” and not “big blue dog artwork”).
  • Product Mock-Up – A visual representation of what the image should look like on the shirt, allowing us to double-check things like print locations and print sizes prior to printing the garment.


  • Preferred Shipping Method – If no method is provided, we will use our standard ground shipping.
  • Client Reference – If you use your own internal PO numbers, feel free to provide those along with your order.  We will input your unique identifier with the rest of your order, allowing you to search and browse your orders via your own internal reference numbers.
  • Item Title – A descriptive title that identifies each unique product that you create (this would be an appropriate place to call your custom item “Big Blue Dog Tee”).
  • Exact Print Sizes – By showing the expected print size on each work order you can ensure there are no problems with artwork files coming through the wrong size, etc. Although we do not resize your artwork files, we will keep an eye out for images that do not load up at the expected sizes.
  • Assorted Notes – Any notes that might help us as we manufacture your order.


WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED: All e-mailed orders must include both a complete Work Order (PDF format is preferred) as well as all necessary artwork files.  Artwork must be in “print ready” format, which you can learn more about by visiting our Artwork Information page.

NOTE: While we do everything we can to input orders as quickly as possible after receiving them via e-mail, we cannot always address them immediately upon their arrival.  As a result, please expect reasonable delays when e-mailing us orders – if you would like your order to be reserved in the production queue as quickly as possible, you are always welcome to input your orders directly into our automated system by logging into your account via our online Product Lab.  Once we receive your order and input it into our system, you will still be responsible to log into your account to apply a minimum 50% deposit before your order will transition from a “Quote” to a “New Order”.  By maintaining a credit on your account, you can initiate each individual order faster without the need for multiple, individual charges on your credit card.