Artwork Guidelines

The following information will help you to prepare your artwork files for print, prior to sending them to us!  Keep in mind your artwork must be submitted in “print ready” format, which means it adheres to all of our guidelines and is simply ready to load and print.  Any orders with incomplete or missing artwork will be rejected.

To help reduce your overall order cost, it is recommended that you submit your order in a print-ready format.  Print ready means that it is the correct resolution, size and file format for the intended decoration process, so we do not have any processing to do on our end.  In addition to streamlining the entire production process and keeping our costs down, this helps to eliminate potential errors that can arise from converting one file format to another, or shifting the color space or profile to reflect unintended colors. Some of these changes can easily occur when trying to convert file formats, and our reps would have no way of knowing what the original artist’s intent would have been. If you require the use of our art department for any artwork adjustments (converting sketches into full color, print ready art, resizing or cleaning up existing artwork files, scanning hand-drawn art, reformatting art files, etc), these services are available at the rate of $25 per half hour, with a half hour minimum.  Print Ready format for Direct to Garment printing means the following:

  1. 150-300 DPI Resolution
  2. PNG File
  3. Native RGB
  4. Transparent Background (black background is ok for black garments, and white background is ok for white garments, but it is always best to ensure all artwork has a transparent background).
  5. Sized to Print

If you have any questions or need assistance with your artwork prep, don’t hesitate to contact us!  It is our goal to help ensure you are fully prepared to get the most out of your WorldwideDTG experience.