Global Network

WorldwideDTG is a growing network of top quality Direct to Garment printing facilities, all utilizing the same hardware equipment, RIP software and settings to produce the highest quality DTG printing available.  We provide on-demand print services, blind drop-ship & fulfillment, and lots more!  While you only need to interact with a single point of service and support, your individual orders are routed to fully qualified and internally trained fulfillment centers around the world!  Each individual order is produced and shipped from the closest possible facility to the actual shipping destination, ensuring faster turnaround and delivery for all of your customers!

WorldwideDTG operates in direct partnership with KatanaDTG, allowing us to maintain comprehensive control over our operating hardware and final output quality.  Our machines are purpose-built to serve as part of a larger, more cohesive network of Fulfillment Centers for maximum production capacity and consistent quality control.

For our customers, we ensure consistent quality and expedited blind fulfillment capability, addressing a unique segment of the market which requires on-demand, global production capacity.  For our end-users, we ensure top quality equipment and software availability while maintaining consolidated order processing and customer service.  Together, we can ALL accomplish more!

For more information on opportunities available as a WorldwideDTG authorized Fulfillment Center, click here.

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